Getting ready for a new sibling

It’s a tricky business, preparing your older child (children) for the arrival of a new sibling into the family. And it seems that boys and girls cope very differently with the issue.

A friend who is expecting her third child has told me how differently her two kids have reacted to the news. Her son who is six took it well but wasn’t dwelling too much on the issue afterwards. However, her little four year old daughter became completely obsessed with the idea of a newborn baby and all she played with for the next several weeks afterwards was a baby doll which she swaddled, rocked and pushed around in a pram.

Inspired by the story I added these wonderful newborn baby dolls to our stock

Pretend Play Newborn Baby Boy Doll

They are absolutely delightful, look like real newborn babies and come in a boy or girl variety. And there is a set of accessories perfect for these dolls that include a bathtub and lots of other cool stuff

Pretend Play Doll Bathtub with Accessories

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