MY FIRST WORDS iPhone App – Flashcards by Smart Baby Apps

Recently, a friend has introduced me to this wonderful new iPhone/iPad App for babies. It is an application that has a multitude of flashcards in a variety of categories such as First Words, Opposites, Food Festival, Animal Kingdom and many more. The brilliant thing about this application is that it is interactive and allows babies to control the flashcards all on their own. I have watched with amazement how my friend’s one year old girl wiggled her little fingers over the iPhone screen to flip the flashcards while listening to her mum’s voice and looking at the gorgeous pictures.

Yes, and that is another brilliant thing about this application – you can record your own voice to read out the flashcards labels. This means that for bilingual kids the flashcards can be recorded in another language. The written labels on the cards can also be changed and written in a different language if the language is installed on the iPhone or the iPad.

Overall, this is an amazing way to teach babies their first words and increase their vocabulary. However, if you prefer the real over the virtual flashcards please check out our range of JUMBO Reading Cards for babies and toddlers.

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